Legal Gambling

Gambling on the Internet is subject to strict regulations. However, despite the restrictions in many countries, the gambling options at online casinos offer good alternatives.

Legal online casino in your country

To find out whether gambling is legal in your area, the best thing to do is check with your local authorities. Online casino games are authorized in over 100 countries worldwide.

Internet Gaming Commissions

When online gambling is authorized in a country, a Gaming Commission is on hand to inform you of the gambling options available. The first gaming commissions to authorize Internet gambling are:

  • Gaming Commission of Canada
    The Kahnawake Gaming Commission issues operating licenses to private operators based in Canada.

  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission
    The UKGC regulates the online gambling market in England. They issue guidelines to certified operators in the UK.

  • Malta Gaming Authority
    The Malta Gaming Commission guarantees access to reliable and fair gaming environments. Considered the Internet gambling capital of the world, Malta enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide.

By choosing casino sites certified by one of these Commissions, you are sure to be able to play online on Web platforms that comply with the most basic rules of fair gaming. These Commissions guarantee transparency for all players. Certified online casinos provide tools to prevent gambling addiction and the risks associated with gambling. Naturally, there are measures in place to prevent minors from accessing casino sites.

eCOGRA agency

eCOGRA is an independent agency that is recognized by the major gaming commissions.The agency’s aim is to guarantee players security and quality when using a casino site. The guarantee is backed by rigorous checks. eCOGRA commissioners regularly test and monitor the activities of web-based gambling operators.

Online casinos with the eCOGRA label are recommended in many guides and comparison sites.

Legal Age for Internet Casino Gambling

In general, players must be at least 18 years of age to play at an online casino. Depending on which country you’re in, the minimum age may be over 18. The table below shows the legal minimum age requirements in the countries where online casinos are permitted.

Germany 18
England 18
Belgium 21
Canada 18 or 19 depending on the province
Ireland 18
Italy 18
Japan 20
Luxembourg 18
Monaco 18
Norway 18
New Zealand 20
Sweden 20
USA 18 or 21 depending on the state


Authorized Games

Depending on the laws in force in each country, Internet casino games can be:

    Users can access online casinos that are officially recognized in their country or region. For instance, in Europe, all European Community countries allow online gambling.
    Gambling is tolerated by the country’s laws, but it is not officially legal. Basically, you can take advantage of gaming offers on the Internet, and of course collect your winnings if you’re lucky enough to hit a jackpot.

    In Canada, for example, with the exception of Ontario, there are no restrictions on online gambling. As for the USA, only a few states officially allow online casino activities.

    Some countries formally prohibit the activities of web-based gambling platforms.